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WordPress installation packages for girlbosses

Hello, hard-working Girlbosses!

Having a business is hard, I know. It takes time to find new clients, promote it and then there’s also the technical part and the maintenance. I meet people that want to start their own businesses almost every day. It’s nice to see the excitement in their eyes and to feel the determination to change the world đź’–

Nowadays, a lot of us choose to run an online business, simply because the costs of starting are low and it’s easy to start.  Whether you choose to run an agency or start a food blog- chances are that you are considering using WordPress to build your website. After a brief research, you realize that things are not as easy as they look like. You need to learn a lot of new things and get your hands dirty. It could be frustrating, I know! Believe, I’ve been there- only 5 years ago I was eager to have a portfolio website and I spend hours and hours watching online tutorials on how to set the website and make it look pretty. Eventually, after weeks of hard work, I managed to put together a decent-looking website.

I understand that not all of us are super tech-savvy, so I decided to start offering WordPress installation packages in order to help newbie online entrepreneurs get their business started in no time!  You can take a look here!

What better way to start your business fast and let someone else handle the tech part for you! You can choose from four different packages, starting at only 97$. If you can’t find the right package for your needs, just send out an email to hello [at] lipstickandpixels.com!

Looking forward to helping you build your dreams đź’–

If you already have your website set, then take a look at Logo & Branding section of our business!

xx Iglika