Getting started with WordPress

Learn the basics of WordPress in 7 days! You will receive guidance and tips on how to set up your own website !

What is Getting Started with WordPress?

Getting started with WordPress is a FREE 7 day email course, that teaches small business owners and online entrepreneurs how to establish a WordPress website in an easy and effective way.

What we are going to cover

Day 1- Register a domain name + set up hosting

Day 2- Setting up WordPress

Day 3- The WordPress interface

Day 4- Plugins you need to install

Day 5- How to choose the right theme

Day 6- Setting up a commenting system

Day 7- Blog layout: Best practices

Who is this course for?

If you are considering starting a blog with, or if you are a Blogging Newbie and want to learn more about WordPress and its functionalities, then this course is for you!

Happy Students

” Thank you so much Iglika for your WordPress course! It made my life easier and helped me to built up my first website! This course is well made and The steps are easily to follow. I highly recommend this to anyone, who would like to build his/her first website.”

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