How to add an Instagram widget to WordPress

If you have an Instagram account, then you should definitely add it to your WordPress blog or website in order gain more followers. Plus, it makes every blog so much prettier! 💖  Here is a quick tutorial on how to add an Instagram widget to WordPress.

I have tried several Instagram widgets, but in my opinion WP Instagram Widget is the best! So in this tutorial I am using this particular one.


Step 1 Go ahead and download the WP Instagram Widget

You can either download the .zip file from the official website  and then upload it to your Plugins, or you can directly go to your WordPress Sidebar > Plugins > Add new and type WP Instagram. After that, click on the install now button.

add Instagram widget WordPress

Step 2 Activate the Plugin

This is a small, but a very important step of the process 😉 After you have installed the plugin, go ahead and activate it.

add Instagram widget WordPress


Step 3 Add Widget to your WordPress sidebar or footer

Go to your WP admin homepage and then from the sidebar area choose Appearance > Widgets. This will take you to the Widgets overview. From the list of Widgets, choose ‘ Instagram ‘ , then the area where it should be added to and click on Add Widget.


add Instagram widget WordPress


Note: Widgets can be added only to widgetized areas in your WordPress theme. These vary from theme to theme. So, depending on what theme you have, you will be able to add the Instagram widget to different areas of the website. My theme for example has a lot of options, so I am able to add this widget to my sidebar, header, footer etc.


Step 4 Configure the Instagram Widget

After you have added the Instagram widget to your desired area, you need to configure it, so that it shows your images.


add Instagram widget WordPress


4.1. Title: You can name your widget if you want. The title will appear above the widget area. I personally recommend to leave this blank. It just looks prettier, plus it is clear that this is your Instagram feed..

4.2.  Username: Type in your Instagram username. Don’t use any special characters, just the name. For example, mine is lipstickandpixels.

4.3.  Number of photos: Choose the number of photos you want to be displayed. I usually choose 6 or 9.

4.3.  Photo size: Choose the size of the photos. This is up to you- you can have thumbnail-sized images, or big images. Just play around and see what looks best on your website.

4.4.  Open links in: Choose if the image links will open in the same window or in a new one. I recommend that you set up this setting to “new window”. That way the website visitors are not immediately taken to Instagram and can continue browsing your site in another tab.

4.5.  Link text: Finally, you can name the follow button. Be creative here!

After you have filled in all the information, don’t forget to click on the SAVE button!

That’s it! Now you can check out your homepage or blog and see how your Instagram feed looks! If you are not happy with the result, just go back to the Widget settings and tweak them.

Happy Instagraming 🙂