here's what lipstick and pixels is all about

Lipstick and Pixels was first created in the summer of 2016 as an Etsy shop. I wanted to make it clear that while I am all about the girly, feminine design stuff, I am still very tech-savvy and my work looks professional. ( pixel-perfect, you know)
I quickly realized that I am going to need a website as well, in addition to my Etsy shop. So I went ahead and registered the domain name lipstickandpixes.com. I was reaching out to bloggers and offering them free design services in exchange for testimonials. That’s when I realize I should be doing something more with this website. Everyone was complementing my website name and asking me what it was all about.
So, I started the blog. And while I really really wanted to write about logo design and which colors you should be using for your brand, I could mostly come up with tech tutorials on WordPress, as I am very experienced with that platform and had noticed that a lot of people are struggling with it. After optimizing the website and writing more tutorials, I started slowly gaining traction, getting more traffic and shares on social media.
People seemed to really like my tutorials and I had fun writing them, so I figured this will be my main focus for the next year. I decided that I want to concentrate on writing more tech tutorials ( coming very soon), not only WordPress, but generally helping people that are just starting out with their online business how to set up their website, as well as the tools they need in order to run and grow their business. Stay tuned, I am just getting started here! 🙅🏻